How to get Free Sample of resin lens ?

 How can I buy RX lens ?

  • There are following methods to buy our RX lens:
    1. Buy our RX lens from our local agent.
    2. If there's no agent in your area, you can buy RX lens from us directly.
    3. You can contact us with the online SKYPE,Call us, or leave your messeage on this page: us
    4. We will send the RX lens to you within 5 days after receiving your payment.

 How about the warranty policy ?

  • As resin lens are affected by temperature, the influence of storage environment, easy be yellowed. But Yuzhou Optics resin lens can keep warranty in One Year.

 Who do I contact with the after-service ?

  • About the after-service,Please download and fill out the application form, then return it to our service department:, contact person: Anna Wang

 How long should I update my resin lens ?

  • It is advisable to update the resin lens every 2-3 years, especially for teenagers and elderly. Because their vision change quickly, doctor suggest they should be checked the hospital once a year, according to the change of the refractive, and then update the resin lens.
    Also, the lens once scratches will affect optical coorection performance. In the addition to the regular optometry, we should pay attention to protect the lenses, avoiding the surface abrasion,move it gently, don't take with sharp objects and clean the lens regularly with cleaning liquid.

 5 reasons for us to choose the resin lens ?

  • 1. Perfect impact resistance,not easy to be broken. It's safe than glass, especially suitable for students,athletes.
    2. Good pervious to light, resin lens light transmittance over 2% higher than the glass lenses, at the same time, the resin lenses with coating can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes;
    3. More flexible and more advanced processing technology, can meet various special needs.Such as high refractive index of the lens or making aspherical lenses, glass lenses is incomparable.
    4. Weight of resin lens is more lighter than glasses,easily for processing.
    5. Cost is low, injection molding of lenses, as long as after making a precision mould, can be mass production, not only save the processing costs and save time.

 What about the delivery date for my order ?

  • Delivery date for customer's order as following:
    1. RX lens will delivery within 5 days.
    2. Free Sample will delivery within 2 days.
    3. The estimated delivery time for order quanity reach 10,000 pair will be 20 days.Or even be sooner if all of this is NC lenses or off season for the production line.If you want to know the exactly delivery time of your order, please check with our sales department:

 What's your value-added services ?

  • As Yuzhou Optics are one of the earlist optical lens manufacturer in Danyang, there are many source of eyeglasses in our town.Beside provide resin lens, and customized packing for resin lens, we are glad to help customer for printing categories, brochures,small gifts for end-user and more service information, please visit:

 How to choose the resin lens manufacturer in China ?

  • There are 10 reasons for you to choose an resin lens manufactury in China:
    1.Quality, not doubt for this point.
    2.Competitive price, but not the lower the better.Suitable price is not only for it's quality, but also for it's managment and other areas.
    3.Delivery time is also the important thing, as resin lens is consumer goods, it must have good flow, the faster delivery time will protect the profit of clients.
    4.Have cetification of ISO, FDA,CE and so on, this is very important for products, for example, if you are in USA, so you must choose the resin lens manufactury who must have FDA certificate.
    5.Service concepts, many chinese manufacturies doing international business like in domenstic, and not care the after sales service, this is disaster for oversea clients.
    6.Sales experience in oversea market. This will help you learn more about the market.
    7.Stability of the supply chain, all of us don't want to change the supplier every order.
    8.Export ability of resin lens, cooperate with the one have no experience for export resin lens, we're sure it will waste some time and money.
    9.Professional team for resin lens exporting.
    10.Excellent company reputation.

 What's the meaning of these breviations in Prescription ?

  • Rx: Prescription
    Dv:Distance Visual
    NV:Near visual
    R. RE:Right Eye
    L. LE:Left Eye
    BE: Both Eye
    V: Vision
    S. Sph: Spherical
    C. CYL: Cylindrical
    X. Ax: Axls
    D : Diopter
    PD: Pupillary Distance
    P. Pr: Prism
    Δ :Prism Diopter
    BI: Base In
    BO: Base Out
    BU: Base Up
    BD: Base Down
    Add: Addtion
    PL: Plano
    CL: Contact lens

 How to choose lenses for my spectcale?

  • (1) different lenses are required for different use.
    A. If you work face computer screen and in other radiation environment, we suggest to choose strong anti radiation, EMI lenses; If you often in the meeting or in front of the camera, you can choose anti reflection coating lens and color coated lens, to reduce the reflection and increase the trust of the people you face to.
    B. If you are always work outdoor, we suggest to choose anti-UV colored lenses, such as tinted lenses, photochromic lenses,polarized lenses etc.,and grey & brown color is better enough; for surf riding and driving, better to choose the polarized lenses.It can effectively waterproof surface and pavement and reflection of the headlight; For skiing on snow field, tinted lenses and polarized lenses with anti-reflecting coating will be the best choice for you, which can prevent ultraviolet and snow reflected light; If you choose lenses for sporter and kids, safe should be the first factor. We strongly recommend hard lenses, which has excellent impact resistance performance.
    (2)Choose lenses according to the degree.
    A. within 300 degree how to choose?
    Depending on the strength within 300 degrees, you can choose lens refractive index at 1.5, because the degree is not deep, if frame appropriate, lens is not thick, lighter in weight.
    B. how to choose the 300-500 degrees?
    Depending on the strength in 300-500 ,you'd better choose the lens refractive index between 1.56-1.59, the weight is suitable, and appearance is good. C.More than 500 degrees how to choose?
    Depending on the strength in over 500 degrees of glasses, you'd better choose lens refractive index above 1.60, for advanced degree, the higher the refractive index of the lens, the thinner the lens' thickness, and light in weight.

 What's the minimum order quantity ?

  • We have very competitive minimum order quantity, even no limited quantity for clients' order.
    For the order has small quantity, fast turnover, we recommend the order quantity not less than 100 pair, because if your order less than this quantity, each pair should afford high express fee.