Inspection Standard

Quality Inspection
IndexInspection ItemNote
1Vertex PowerChecked Every Batch
2Cylindrical Axial ViewOnly for bifocal and multi-focal lens
3Optical Center and Prism DegreeChecked Every Batch
4Cosmetic InspectionChecked Every Batch
5ThicknessChecked Every Batch
6DiameterChecked Every Batch
7Refractive IndexChecked Monthly
8Abbe NumberChecked Monthly
9UV resistanceChecked Monthly
10Visible Light TransmittanceChecked Monthly
11Abrasive ResistanceChecked Monthly
12Yellowness IndexChecked Monthly
13Fire ResistanceChecked Monthly
14Shock ResistanceOptional Test Item, Specified by Customer

Cosmetic Inspection Zone

Each lens is divided into 3 zones as shown the master plate. We will check the Scratch, Dots, Bubbles, Inclusions, Chips on each zone, and devide the lens to A, B ,C grad. The master plate is only a recommendation by Yuzhou inspector, if you want to know more about our inspection standard, contact us now