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Does your eyes have following problem ? Your eyes often fatigued and decreased vision,glare,sleep disorders or even worse like cataract surgery after injury,macular degeneration .....
These eye problems are not far away from us now, we should take action to take care our eyes, protect our eyes. Listen to our Yuzhou experts ,why our eyes be suffered for these problems often,and what's the solutions for these problems.Let's read the light wave length photo as blew,The sun give off light has: visible light, infrared, ultraviolet and other three.The ultraviolet radiation will cause serious damage to human body skin and eyes.Is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC, the green light (Blue light) which are harmful.UVA, UVB and UVC light, if long time exposure can cause damage to the body, UVB has a serious effect on vision, Tanning (Ray) is burned black light, most of the canthus can absorb the UVB light so be sure to block out the light.



In our life,just normal as sun, fluorescent lamp, welding, laser, or even computer,Ipad,handphone will release ultraviolet (uv), in addition to these direct uv light source, the snow, surface water, metal, cement and bleaching of textiles will reflect ultraviolet light.The ozone layer in the atmosphere of this can help us to isolate a lot of ultraviolet ray, but now thinning of the ozone layer is destroyed by our human, appear even hole, make the uv rays can penetrate through clouds.So, in our daily life, whether it is sunny or cloudy, outdoor or indoor, wearing glasses lenses with uv protection functions, for the protection of the Windows of the soul are absolutely necessary. Also if you are on the laptop, computer screen a lot, we recommend you should wear eyeglasses with EMI coating, this is anti-electromagnetic radiation lens.As you know,our life can't live without computer,mobile phone and other electronics, but almost all of these electronics will release harmful HEV light, like blue light. How should we to pretect our precious eyes ? Yuzhou optics provide easy way to solve this problem for you. Wear our UV400 & EMI lenses, can give your eyes an safety vision.


UV400 Lenses


Yuzhou Optics Lenses can protect most harmful UV rays, like UV-A and UV-B, cut-off wave length reach 398nm.If UV-A being absorbed by the eye lens, it will make cataract for your eyes.And UV-B will cause keratitis, corneal received damage. These are harmful light for our eyes. If you wear Yuzhou Optics UV400 lenses, it will protect your eyes keep away from cataract and keratitis.
Also wear UV400 lenses can reduce your eye skin patch, wrinkle around effectively. Because the skin around your eye is delicate and weak, easy suffer from the UV ray, wear eyeglasses is a good way to protect your eyes.


So UV400 lenses is best for daily eye protection, choose your eyeglasses with Yuzhou Optics UV400 lenses is a wise choice. We recommend resin lenses of 1.56 index with perfect UV400 protection.


We have new lenses, which UV cut-off can reach 413nm, to learn more about UV420 lenses.


EMI & Blue-Cut Lenses


Anti-electromagnetic radiation lens surface layer of anti-radiation material, it is a metal compounds, formed on the surface of lens in an invisible barrier, filtered wave electromagnetic radiation, the functions of eye protection, the lens does not produce static electricity.


You can find in the left, the wave length of electronic release light.All of the peak of the light energy are between 400-500nm, this is the blue light. We test the computer screen, the peak wave light is 445nm. If you are computer user every day, Yuzhou Experts suggest you must have an eyeglasses with Yuzhou Optics EMI & Blue-Cut lenses. Not only the computer screen will relases the blue light, also mobile phone,projector,LED light,car lamp do this.


There 5 characteristics for you to choose Yuzhou Optics Lenses.
  • Super thin, using the lastest physical-bending design, is in line with physiological needs of the human eye lens and effectively reduce the thickness.
  • Super Hard, a multi-layers anti-spent coating, comparable lenses generally have a better anti-wear-resistant flower effect.
  • White- sophisticated technology and raw material ensure the purity of white lucent lenses, not aging, high rate of transmission.
  • Clearly-the high-quality, multi-coating, light transmission rate of up to 99%, the eyes received more natural light, remove the unpleasant reflection, such as flashing images or images thus eliminating double. So that the glare Cimu substantially weakened.
  • .Water-proof- unique to the waterproof layer helps prevent residual stains, and very easy clean-up.

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