Enhance transmittance to see clearer, add reflection to protect eye better

Hard coating, AR coating and low-reflective technology help us look clear and look better

What is hard coating lens?

Resin lenses have low hardness and easy to scratch on the surface of lenses. In order to improve the wear resistance of lenses, it is necessary to coat hard film on the surface of lenses, at the same time, the transparency of light has also been enhanced

What is AR-Reflective lens?

Anti-Reflective Coating, also known as AR Coating and anti-glare coating, is used to improve your vision through the lenses and to also improve the appearance of your glasses. AR lenses improve the vision through your lens due to it’s ability to eliminate reflections of light from the front and back of your lenses. By eliminating the reflections, AR coating allows 96.5% of light to enter through the lens to the eye causing the lenses to look clearer, more attractive, and allowing the light to enter your eyes.

Could we use low-reflective lens to look better? YES

Low reflective coating on the outside of the lens could enhance the transmittance that let us see better, using the coating technology on the back side of the lens could protect our eyes from more reflective light. The reflectance of this kind of lenses form Yuzhou Optics could up to less than 1%.

Benefits of low-reflective lens:

  • 1、 The imaging is clearer and the reflectivity is below 1.5%.
  • 2、 UV360, can effectively absorb UV-1
  • 3、 Lens are harder and more wearable
  • 4、 Lens are not easily contaminated with dust and water
  • 5、 Anti-electromagnetic wave, anti-radiation
  • 6、 Prevent glare, reflection and false image
  • 7、 Optional Additional Function: Improve the UV Index of Lens to UV400
  • 8、 Additional optional functions: shock resistance, safety improvement through drop ball test

Production Process 

Test Report

1. Drop Ball Testing
2. Abrasion Resistance Test
3. Light Transmittance Test
4. Reflected light test
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