PC Lens


PC Lens

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PC is short name for polycarbonate. This material is famous for it's light weight and physical properties including transmittance 89%, specific gravity of 1.2 g/cm3, thermal deformation temperature of 120 ~ 120 ℃, rockwell hardness M70 ~ 118, the impact toughness of 80 ~ 80 kj/m2, thermal expansion coefficient 6.6 x10-5 / ℃, 0.4% of saturated water absorption, etc.High impact strength, high hardness, high refractive index, good mechanical performance good, thermoplastic, electric insulation, no pollution, etc is one of the characteristics of the PC lenses.
For above advantages, PC is good material for producing to eyewear lenses. Super than all the material in the impact resistent.
General resin lens is thermosetting material, the raw material for liquid when heated to form solid lenses.PC lenses, also called "space", "the universe", the chemical name for the polycarbonate, is thermoplastic material.Namely raw material is solid, after heating the shape for the lens, so this kind of lens overheating will deformation after finished, not suitable for high humid places.PC lens has good toughness, don't broken (2 cm) can be used in bulletproof glass, so it is also called safety glasses.Specific gravity is only 2 grams per cubic centimeter, are used in the lens of the lightest materials.
The difference between PC lens and resin lens:
(1)The impact resistance is strong, not easily broken.
(2)Good pervious to light.
(3)More flexible and more advanced processing technology, can meet various special needs.
(4)The weight, volume and lighter.
(5)The cost of resin lens is low. PC lens is expensive now.

Production Process 

Test Report

1. Drop Ball Testing
2. Abrasion Resistance Test
3. Light Transmittance Test
4. Reflected light test
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