About Yuzhou Optics

Jiangsu Yuzhou Optics Co., Ltd is founded in 2000, as a resin lens manufacturing enterprise joint- ventured with TAI WAN GINKO INTERNATIONAL GROUP while long- term cooperating with oversea companies, such as PPG etc., Introduce and attract advanced mould lens washing technology and super- high vacuum coates technology in the world.In many aspects, such as design in the camber of the lens, coating layer design, super- hard craft, resist ultraviolet performance, anti-ageing technology etc, it follows the trend of resin lens manufacturing technology and coates technology closely.
The company became one of the three enterprises that passed national glasses production licence verifying among the whole country in August 2004. At present, it has already become one the most extensive resin lens production bases of China. Meanwhile, the company is devoted to the research and protection of optics, participate in the formulation and test of the standard of the lens actively, offer support for the norm of the optice trade.
Enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. The products have passed U.S.A FDA certification, European Community CE certification, exporting to more than 30 countries, such as Japan, South Korea, America and Europe etc.
We located in Danyang city which is famous for it's glasses industry in China.You can find every thing you want in glasses area. Our company is the earlist ones producing optical products.
Beside the most experiensed technical engineer, we also have good reputation for doing business.Our own brand "HAOLAI""HOWOOD""EAST PRETTY""EAST SUND" is kowned.
We live in a beautiful factory. The workshop is clean,staff's department is sweet,work office is comfortable,dining room is spacious and green plants every where.We care about everyone's vision health, not only 300 family of our staffs', and all the human's. To give people " Better vision , Better life" is every Yuzhou people thinking about.

Staff Speak

  • I have worked with our president over 40 years, and I am a witness to Yuzhou optics company’s development. I admire our president for his personal charm , he is a kind man. I’m proud of working in this company.
    ——Mr. Tan
  • Thanks for the opportunity to joining Yuzhou Optics, over 10 years working in this company, I treat here as my home. We focus on improving the health of human vision.
    ——Yehong Kong
  • Yuzhou optics is very humanity for it’s staff, so they are glad to recommend friends to work with them. There are many couples, sisters, brothers working together in our company. Such as wife working in packing department, husband working in maintenance machine department.
    ——HR of Yuzhou Optics
Devote ourselves to the development of optics undertaking whole-heartedly.
In the changing market,in optics industry,we Yuzhou Optics creat the way of brand lift one's own flag of brand by passion and dream,make way of brand.
What we sell is a kind of service,and we regard quality as our life.

Certificate And Honor

Our quality control, from raw materials to delivery. All raw materials are imported from internationally renowned companies such as PPG, to ensure product quality and reliable; for each stage of production, we have a detailed production and inspection standards, strictly in accordance with ISO quality system requirements for the operation;Follow standard of ISO 14889,ISO8980 which is important standard for ophthalmic optics.
Our resin lens passed US FDA quality and safety testing as early as 2001, then we get CE certification, also get COLTS laboratory testing in 2002.We are one of the first companies to obtain the certification of optical, after ten years of development, our technology is more mature, stable.